Spacelab is an architecture and interior design studio with a nomadic spirit. A celebration of colour, materials, and contrasts, our work is inspired by a collage of influences: from poets, florists and chefs, to Paul Smith, Slim Aarons, and David Bowie. Everyday moments of delight inform our ideas — the way a sunbeam strikes a building, the curve of a wave, the artful composition of a cake. Playing with textures and proportions, we design sensory, organic environments, always with an element of surprise.

As a dynamic, flexible studio, we really get to know our clients — what makes them happy, how they live, their little quirks and wildest dreams. Using sketches, mood-boards, and models, we develop every detail together, from the lighting to the placemats. If we can’t find exactly what we’re looking for, we design it ourselves. The quality and finish reflects our appreciation of craftsmanship and tradition, jazzed up with a witty, modern sensibility. We make things look easy and feel relaxed. Everything works perfectly, even if it’s a little off-kilter. But we never overlook fun in the name of functionality.

Concept-driven, our ideas are rooted in context. Consideration of the site is always the starting point. Bringing together high and low style, we create places with personality, inspired by curiosity. Vibrant spaces that are joyful to live in, not just lovely to look at.

Founding Partners
Sotiris Hainis studied Architecture at the University of Washington in Seattle and the University of New South Wales in Sydney. He completed the Design Build Program in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Vana Krimnioti studied Interior Architecture at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London.

Since 2006, we have designed buildings, interiors and furniture together, primarily for residences, offices, and commercial spaces. We often collaborate with curators, artists, designers and art directors, creating immersive experiences for cultural institutions and exhibitions.